Monday, 7 July 2014

An Epistle poem for our Fellow black stars ...Dear Black Stars

Dear Black Stars 

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Dear Black Stars, 

From our hearts to yours, 
We say to you:
Have no fear brothers. We believe in you ! 

There’s a reason why there is a star in the middle of the Ghana flag. 

The star is a reminder of who you are.
 You have a purpose. You are chosen ! 
You are black stars, set apart to reign !   

Dear Black Stars, Use your identity to score like stars, attack like stars and defend like stars. 

Heaven is behind you and I hear applause. 

I hear multitudes of people rejoicing over you.
 Brazil world cup 2014, we are ready for you. 
Warriors by nature, we won’t back down without a fight !

 Viva Black Stars ! Make us proud .

Written by Adwoa Asiedu

Copyright (c) 2014 Adwoa Asiedu
All rights reserved.